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Statische und dynamische Lichtstreuung

Zetasizer Nano-ZS: Malvern

Laser Power 4 mW malvern_zeta
Wavelength 633 nm
Scattering Angle 173°
Measurement Technique Noninvasive Backscatter Technology (NIBS)
Size Range*  0.6 nm to 6 µm Hydrodynamic Radius
Molecular Weight Range* 1000 to 2x107 Daltons
Concentration Range* 0.1mg/ml lysozyme to 40wt/vol%
Laser attenuation Automatic, transmission 100% to 0.0003%
Detector Avalanche photodiode, Q.E. >50% at 633nm
Condensation control Purge facility using dry air
Temperature range 2°C to 60°C

* Sample Dependent


Measured Values

Dynamic Light Scattering
  • Diffusion coefficient
  • Diffusive second virial coefficient
  • Hydodynamic size
  • Size distribution
Static Light Scattering
  •  Molecular Weight
  •  Second virial coefficient
  •  Gyration radius



  • Synth. and biol. macromolecule in solution
  • Supramolecular aggregate in solution (Micelles, Microemulsion, Vesicle, Nanoparticle)
  • Protein macromolecular conformation, shape estimate, absolute molecular weight, identifying crystallization window, denaturation, aggregation, ans self assembly